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I am sitting here, a mug of chamomile tea on one side of me, my kitty cat curled up on the other, listening to the rain outside. Rain is my favorite weather. I cannot get enough of it. It could rain for six months straight and I would never tire of it. Maybe that comes from growing up in Texas, where it never rains. The sunshine is incessant, and by mid-August, you find yourself begging for a cloud, just a single cloud. But it never comes. So you learn to cherish the rain when it comes. I’m the type of person who doesn’t know how to relax: I’m always going, going, going, making to-do lists, finishing to-do lists, cleaning, writing, applying for jobs, volunteering, going, going. But when the rain comes, I stop. I turn off all the music and televisions and cell phones and just close my eyes and enjoy the sound of the rain. Because, who knows when I might hear it again? It could be weeks, or even months.

I’ve written on this blog many a time about my life being stagnant. My life has become a puddle with no ripples, an ocean with no tides. No good things happen, no bad things happen, I just wake up every day and plod through life without so much as a smile or frown. Well, things are about to change.

I’m moving. In August, I’ll be leaving my Texas hometown and going to Pennsylvania. To say I’m excited is an understatement. It is so beautiful there. There are trees, living grass, and seasons! Seasons other than summer, summer 2, summer 3, and freezing your ass off for two weeks but never any pretty snow to show for it. I’ll get to see the leaves change colors for the first time in my life, I’ll get to see snow, I’ll get to experience a spring without tornado sirens, I’ll be able to go outside in the summer and not have my face melt off. I’ll (hopefully) be able to find a job easier up there, because there are more jobs in my field located up north.

So big changes are coming my way. And I have never been so ready.