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Strange things I’ve gotten to say/hear just because I’m a chemistry major:

-I swear it’s not blood, the acetone made my nail polish run down my arm

-Just make sure you’re wearing the safety glove before you dip your arm into that hydrochloric acid

-“this is smoking. Is is supposed to smoke?”
“No. That’s chlorine gas.”

-the fire alarm has been going off for two hours and the wing next to us is on fire, but we don’t evacuate unless it’s a real emergency

-I spilled my round bottom! Someone grab the kitty litter!

-this might kill you if you get it on you, so be careful

-you can tell they’re a chemistry major because they smell of acetone and sadness

-please don’t see if the hydrochloric acid bottle is empty by squirting it on your hand next time

-I just dropped a 2 liter bottle of concentrated HCl. We should probable evacuate



The lab after a chlorine gas evacuation


-After using that particular acid, it’s really necessary to get fresh air. I know its raining but I need you to hold your head out the window for fifteen minutes.

-Chemical engineering majors like to pretend to be chemists, but when we all graduate they make like three times the money we do so who’s really the smart ones here?

-I love you guys

Chemistry Majors

Chemistry majors for four years. BFFs for life.