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I have filled out over 100 job applications. I have received four rejections. I have one lead, that’s offering me fourteen dollars an hour. Fourteen. That’s twice minimum wage. It puts me below the poverty level, for a chemical manufacturing lab technician.

Not to sound like an “entitled millennial” (imagine a middle-aged fat white man spitting those words angrily), but I went to a distinguished university, graduated damn near the top of my class, in a very hard major with a 10 percent graduation rate, have research experience, and you want me to work for 14 dollars an hour? I looked at an entry level job today and they wanted 8 years of experience. Eight. As in I was 15 years old when I would have had to start working for this bottom of the barrel monkey work that wouldn’t allow for me to live even in a slum in Dallas.

I don’t know what to do. Don’t have any non-academic connections to the chemistry world. I worked and worked and worked as hard as I could and I never stopped going and suddenly

A brick wall. Slammed right into that sucker. I have no direction, no schedule, no one to help me. When I reach out to people they always say “hurrhurrhurr you could make meth like on that TV show”

(side note. I hate Breaking Bad with every cell of my body, despite never having seen it. I did not go to school to make meth. I will not make you drugs. That joke is old. Hahaha I have literally never had anyone tell me to make meth with my chemistry degree you are so original. Homeless people can make meth in a Walmart bathroom it doesn’t take an advanced degree to do so.)

I guess there’s no point really to this post. I’m angry that I worked my ass off for four years to be offered poverty level jobs that advertised to people with GEDs. I’m angry that whenever I try to bring up how hard it is to find a job out of college in this job market to anyone older than 24, I get berated with a series of “you’re not working hard enough” “well it was just as hard in my day” “you have to be more proactive” and all the usual buzzwords. I’m angry that I don’t even like chemistry that much but damn I’m good at it.

Maybe things will change soon. If I don’t find anything by February, I’m going to get a retail job and obtain a teaching certificate, because teachers in my city make more than entry level chemists.

A chemistry teacher. I bet the damn Breaking Bad references would never end.