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Things I would love to hear but never will. Some I need to hear from a specific person, some I need to hear to get through life, and some I just wish I could hear for once.

  • You have a beautiful voice.
  • You’re so skinny.
  • You’re amazing with animals,
  • I never meant to hurt you like I did. I wish that I could take back everything that I ever said or did to you.
  • I don’t blame you.
  • You have beautiful hair.
  • I admire your bravery.
  • You were the best friend that I ever had.
  • Just because another girl is pretty, does not mean that you aren’t.
  • It’s okay to feel hopeless. And break down occasionally.
  • I can tell how passionate you are about this.
  • You’re making the right decision.
  • I wish you had never walked away from me.
  • You could be a model.
  • You made the right decision, but it’s still okay to regret it sometimes.
  • She loved you, she understands, and she forgives you.
  • I won’t claim to understand how you feel inside, but I’m here to help you.
  • You are a beautiful dancer.
  • You have a contagious smile.