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Yesterday was an important day to me. Yesterday was April 15th, and it marked three years that Cooper and I have been dating. I’m a very lucky girl to have someone who puts up with me every single day and never once complains about my random crying or throwing things.

Here’s the cold hard truth kids: listen to your parents. When they say being in a relationship is hard, they’re right. When they say that it’s a lot of work, they’re not lying. When they say that no matter what you think, the person you’re dating isn’t perfect and you’re seeing them through rose colored glass, it’s true. But it’s okay, because you’re not perfect either.

There will be fights. And tears. And ignored text messages and hurt feelings and spilled coffee. But you can get through all of them. No relationship is just “meant to be”. Every relationship requires work, and those that are “meant to be” are had by two people who decided to fight for it.

We’ve done long distance (and in three weeks, are about to do it again). We’ve dealt with mental illness (all on my part, because I like to be challenging), and death of people we loved, and the general hardships that people in college face (like wanting to get hit by a bus). We’ve fought. We’ve screamed (well. I’ve screamed). We’ve cried and stayed up all night talking things through and decided to pick up the pieces and start all over again more times than I can count.

But it’s all worth it, because I love him. And I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s my two a.m. text when its thundering and I’m scared, my knight in shining armor with pizza in hand after a bad week, my daring defender that will clean the litter box to a cat that isn’t even his, the person who knows exactly what I need to hear and when to hear it. There’s way more smiles than there are frowns, and there’s way more laughter than there is silence.

I love you Cooper. You’re my person.